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Re: [IP] Feeling kind of alone

In a message dated 3/8/01 11:12:12 PM Pacific Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> Moira,
>   After over a year I'm still asking myself that question...should I 
> understand all of this stuff by now...?!!!  NEVER!!  And as far as no one 
> at 
> school knowing anything, Joshua is the only DMer at his school and the only 
> IPer in his whole school district!!!  Talk about feeling alone...!!  
>    Oh and for everyone on the list..Joshua did an OUTSTANDING job on his 
> science fair project last week..BLUE RIBBON, he was asked to do his 
> presentation for ALL of the judges and also again for an entire 6th grade 
> class where he received a standing ovation!!!  I'm SOOOO PROUD!!!  But can 
> you tell??!!!
>   Getting back to the school officials, none of the non-professionals (in 
> other words no one except an RN) can really DO anything with your 
> duaghter's 
> pump, but it is a good idea to have the pump demonstrated for anyone 
> interested.  I actually had the company rep for Dis come to the school and 
> did an entire presentation.  She had over a dozen people there including 
> all 
> of the district RNs because they all know that this is going to become a 
> common thing for any other DMers in the district and they wanted/NEEDED to 
> know first hand what it was all about.  I still get calls occassionally 
> from 
> one of them asking questions about things and this is good.  And Joshua is 
> always eager and willing to talk to anyone about it too!  So keep that in 
> mind when you meet with the school officials that no one can mess with the 
> pump but your daughter and a nurse!  But having a phone handy is always 
> nice...HMMM!!!!
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua
> Poulsbo, WA

Hi there,
  I just had to put my 2 cents in on this:-)  Ashley is the only diabetic in 
her school but, there are a couple of others in the school district.  I have 
to say that the school has been awesome in every way when it comes to Ashleys 
Diabetes.  When Ashley was first diagnosed she was in Kindergarten.  As I 
became educated I educated them.  Over the last few years I have them pretty 
much on Ashleys schedule.  
  I had the district nurse call me yesterday & ask me why there are no kids 
in this school district on pumps.  I really had no idea.  I told her why we 
were not & that it was only a matter of time so she had better get ready:-)  
She has already went to a seminar for school nurses on it.  So she is already 
ready for us. LOL
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