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[IP] Ace Inhibitors

Has anyone had any difficulty with their bs after starting ace inhibitors? I
have been experiencing the weirdest swings. It seems that I have become
super sensitive to everything, food and insulin. The littlest amount of food
I eat sends my sugars soaring and the littlest amount of insulin sends me
crashing. Just the other day my sugar was 30.0!!!!! (546), after bolusing to
correct it I crashed down to 2.2 (40). Last night hours after eating I was
at 20.5 (373) I only bolusing a small amount to correct it because it was
bedtime time and within 1 hour I was 1.0 (18)!!! I retested that one and was
0.8 (14.6)!!!!!! THAT was unreal......My point is that I do not know what is
the culprit. I have always been sensitive I guess, but this is
ridiculous......Could the Ace Inhibitors due this? I am going to call my
endo this a.m. to ask his advice.
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