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Re: [IP] Feeling kind of alone


  After over a year I'm still asking myself that question...should I 
understand all of this stuff by now...?!!!  NEVER!!  And as far as no one at 
school knowing anything, Joshua is the only DMer at his school and the only 
IPer in his whole school district!!!  Talk about feeling alone...!!  

   Oh and for everyone on the list..Joshua did an OUTSTANDING job on his 
science fair project last week..BLUE RIBBON, he was asked to do his 
presentation for ALL of the judges and also again for an entire 6th grade 
class where he received a standing ovation!!!  I'm SOOOO PROUD!!!  But can 
you tell??!!!

  Getting back to the school officials, none of the non-professionals (in 
other words no one except an RN) can really DO anything with your duaghter's 
pump, but it is a good idea to have the pump demonstrated for anyone 
interested.  I actually had the company rep for Dis come to the school and 
did an entire presentation.  She had over a dozen people there including all 
of the district RNs because they all know that this is going to become a 
common thing for any other DMers in the district and they wanted/NEEDED to 
know first hand what it was all about.  I still get calls occassionally from 
one of them asking questions about things and this is good.  And Joshua is 
always eager and willing to talk to anyone about it too!  So keep that in 
mind when you meet with the school officials that no one can mess with the 
pump but your daughter and a nurse!  But having a phone handy is always 

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA
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