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Re: [IP] Feeling kind of alone

On 8 Mar 2001, at 16:00, Moira C. McCarthy wrote:

> Hi there,
> Well, seven weeks into the pump and all is going pretty well! The only thing
> that is kind of strange is that we never talk to anyone about it -- never
> get an advice. We bought our pump from Minimed and never heard word one from
> them again (they did not come to training but I'm fine with that, the video
> was good). I do hear from the endo from time to time but NEVER from the CDE.

Once I was diagnosed as T1, I never heard from the CDE again 
either.  I get the impression that this particular one is really only 
prepared for the very basics.  

My endo handles everything else.  I fax my numbers to her from 
time to time and she still wants to see me every 2 months.

> I'm just wondering: after a month should I expect to be able to pretty much
> understand this all and make all the decisions on my own?

I would expect the answer to be 'no'.

Don't wait for your endo to call you.  You make the call.
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