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[IP] Re: hiding pump


I've looked over the pictures on your site, and they're great!!!  I nearly
rolled over when I saw the snaps of the AS6C - my first pump.  My goodness -
I forgot what a monster that thing was!!! I don't think I worried about what
people thought it was too much - I was concerned, though, about someone
running past me on the streets of San Francisco and grabbing it thinking it
was a purse or belly bag!  I could just hear myself screaming bloody murder
as the tape and needle set was pulled out of my belly!!! LOL  I'm sure I
don't have any photos of just the pump, just a few photos where you can see
it hanging taking up what seems to be a third of the photo.  I usually tried
to turn or face the camera in such a way that the non-pump side was my
"good" side - it was too much of a distraction!

18 years, 5 pumps, and a healthy, successful pregnancy later (said child
about to graduate from high school), you could NEVER convince this bionic
woman to give up her mechanical device!

Kathy Fagan
dx 10/69, pumping 12/82
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