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[IP] Re: Recent Diabetic and Reservations About the Pump

My then thirteen-year-old son was on two, then three, shots a day for about 9 
months before getting his pump.  The only good thing about being on shots for 
even that length of time was that he/we appreciated more than ever the 
advantages of the pump when he actually got it.  Those of you who spent years 
and decades on shots have our utmost respect, by the way!

This is sort of related... A good friend of mine (in a distant state) has a 
husband and 14-year-old son, both type 1, who have been on injections for 
about 16 years and 10 years respectively (however, the son is now taking part 
in the inhaler trials).  They have good endos, one of whom regularly answers 
questions on the CWD website and, based on some of his answers, appears to 
support pump use with kids.  These people are brilliantly smart and 
well-informed, so it's hard for us to understand why they haven't started 
pumping yet after so many years.  They've watched the pump video tapes, 
according to my friend, but since they're doing so well with shots, see no 
need to change anything.  When I talk to my friend (occasionally long 
distance), I find myself trying to strike a balance between unbridled 
enthusiam for the pump but yet not coming across like I think I know more 
about diabetes than they do.  I know I don't!  

I guess my point here, if I even have one, is that it's interesting to learn 
about the various reservations people have about going on the pump.  It 
seemed like such a positive thing to us, we never considered not considering 
it.  But I do understand that the reservations people have are very valid to 
their own experiences and expectations.

Thank you for the wonderful information I get from this list daily.

Pam Moore
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