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[IP] Where to wear a pump

In a message dated 3/8/2001 1:09:19 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Do the majority of pumper wear their pump 
>  on the belt? I have looked at the thigh pouch and the mid-tummy pouch, but 
>  not sure what to do. I work in a professional office, so I'd like to look 
>  professional as possible. Please let me know if you have any ideas.

You've already listed several options -- to that I can add folks who just 
tuck it in their pocket, make little pouches (or use baby socks) and pin them 
inside their waist bands, and those who just hang it on their underwear (I'm 
not clear on how that exactly works -- except mayber for guys briefs with a 
ralteively thick elastic at the waist band) . . . 

When I asked this same question a few months ago, one idea I thought was 
creative was simply tucking it in your bra (there are also straps/holders 
where you can hang it on your bra) -- I'm told that this works really well 
for a lot of gals, even for those who are less endowed . . . When I asked how 
they did their boluses in a restaurant (without sticking their hand down 
their blouse!), one gal explained that she just crosses her arms in front of 
her chest (as if she were cold, sorta hugging herself), then turns the inner 
hand inward and punches the bolus button through her shirt/dress (she uses a 
Dis. H-tron -- with easy to feel buttons and audible beeps for verification) 
. . . Any other creative solutions out there???

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