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Re: [IP] recent diabetic

To everyone who wrote on this question:

I've been reading these with tears in my eyes.  I think it's important to 
remember that being a diabetic child, or parent of a diabetic child, is an 
impossible situation.  There really is no way to "do it right."  Everything 
you do will have some advantages and other disadvantages.

I can't remember feeling very threatened by complications as a kid, though I 
certainly knew they existed.  I do remember being given a lot of 
responsibility for my own care from about the age of 10.  I gave my own 
shots, by 13 I went to the endo with no parent, I managed my  own eating 
habits.  This had many advantages, but one major disadvantage.  I grew up 
feeling very alone with this disease.

Sometimes I bless my parents for giving me so much room to be independent.  
Other times I look at my own 13 year old daughter and wonder why they didn't 
push harder to stay involved.  Mostly, I figure that they did what made sense 
to them and it helped me in many ways, hurt me in others.

I wish that all diabetic kids and parents of diabetic kids could do something 
else with their time than face this impossible challenge.  Since that isn't 
yet possible, I'm sure that like all challenges, it makes people grow in 
different ways.

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