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Re: [IP] d-tron

At 10:03 AM 3/8/01 Nita H. wrote:
 >I'm not sure how to say this without making anybody
 >> mad, but in not putting
 >> down other pumps, could we also refrain from calling
 >> the d-tron ugly?  After
 >> I read that today it was like cold water being
 >> dumped on my exciting new pump
 >> day.
 >I will refrain from posting my own personal opinion on
 >all subjects from now on to please the masses that
 >have told me I shouldn't have posted my personal
 >opinion.  Even though I DID state it was MY personal
 >opinion and in no way meant to bash ANY pumps at all.
 >Seems many people entirely missed that point.

I think we all need to step back and calm down a bit. Everyone has a right 
to their personal opinion... and as they say: "beauty is in the eye of the 
beholder". If someone feels that something is ugly, it doesn't necessarily 
make it so... it's just their personal viewpoint. If you like it, then 
don't worry about it. I don't think anyone should ever be put off by 
another person's opinion of what something looks like. Someone may love 
purple shoes... someone else may think they look totally repulsive. Just 
take it with a grain of salt and do what you think is right. It's your 
personal feelings that count.

I think we all need to be able to express our personal feelings as long as 
they don't stomp on the opinions of others or make personal attacks.

  (it would be a boring world if everyone thought alike)
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