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Re: [IP] 2 years pumping and Grateful!

> He hasn't been able to get blood from
> his arm though. There must be trick to it, which
> we have yet to figure out. ... Any suggestions
> welcome.

I use the FreeStyle meter with blood (usually) from my  forearm. I was never
very successful trying to do this with the FastTake and have not yet tried
with the Ultra however these comments are probably applicable regardless of
the meter.

- Patience helps a lot. After lancing firmly hold the lancing device in
place against the skin for  10-15 seconds.
- Some people  find it helps to "pump" the lancing device against the skin
while holding it in place.
- Before lancing firmly rub the site several seconds with your thumb.
- Just as with the fingers warm water on the site before lancing will also
increase blood flow. Rubbing with a wash cloth damp with warm water makes an
enormous difference.
- I have better success with the older/larger lancets than with the newer
"micro" lancets
- It is also my perception that for the arm an older (i.e.. duller) lancet
works better than a fresh one.
- I adjust the lancet device for a deeper penetration on my arms than I do
for my fingers.
- With the FreeStyle if I don't get enough blood initially I relance and
reuse the same test strip. I think Therasense recommends against this but I
have checked it enough times against a regular finger stick that I am
comfortable with the results. I suspect this may not be possible with the

I hope some or some combination of these comments help. Good luck.
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