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Re: [IP] School: Disability Law...long

Robin, first of all....let me say Happy Birthday to Kevin!! 13 was a big year 
for me. So, I'm sure he's looking forward to it!! Anyhow, I feel bad about 
what happened, I've had similar situations come up. I had to be in court one 
day and passed out on my living room floor from a blood sugar in the 20's.... 
I woke up in the hospital and of course missed my court date! They counted 
that against me, however, when the doctor said he'd write a letter to state 
what had happened and I took it to the judge, he changed the ruling under 
"special cercumstances" Although I don't know the exact wording, that's 
basically what it boiled down to.  I hope that in your case you can get some 
answers. My daughter, Alex who's 9, sounds a lot like your son!!! She's 
constantly striving to do the best she can, so I kind of know how you feel. 
When you have a child like that... it's hard to change their minds once they 
decide they WANT to win. I never have to say anything to Alex about doing her 
best....she does that on her own. And the ONLY person that pushes Alex IS 
Good luck, I hope you find what you are looking for!
Tell Kevin CONGRATS also.... first of second, he did a GREAT job!!
dx 10/1/81 (Florida)
Awaiting the arrival of my pumpy, "Skippy"                                   
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