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Re: [IP] Child Reluctant To Start Pump

In a message dated 3/8/01 3:55:47 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Kim, Ashley's resistance reminds me of when I was 10 and newly
> diagnosed. That was 58 years ago so pumps weren't available yet, but
> my parents were very anxious for me to go to summer camp for diabetic
> children. I wouldn't have anything to do with it, and my parents
> didn't force me to go, so unfortunately I never went to summer camp.
> As an adult I have always been sorry that I resisted going to camp
> because I'm sure I would have learned a lot.
> I have been using a pump for 5.5 years and it has made a tremendous
> difference, both for improved control and much greater flexibility
> with meals. I sure hope that Ashley will become aware of what a pump
> will do to make things easier for her.
> My best wishes to Ashley on her 10th birthday!
> Tom Beatson

Thank you, Tom:-)  I think alot of her resistance was fear.  That is why I 
took her to the seminars & talked with the doctor about it.  Her father is 
also leary of it which doesn't help.  I think it is the idea of having it 
connected to her all the time.  My husband & I had a conversation about it 
just today.  His concern is that there is always a needle(?) injected into 
her skin.  I told him that it is very small & just under the skin.  Also he 
wondered how it could really control the high blood sugars.  I really need 
more information about it so I can convince both of them that it is the best 
thing for her.  Which is why I am on this list.  To learn more:-)
Thank you for your response & I will pass on your good wishes for her 
birthday to Ashley.
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