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Re: [IP] recent diabetic


  Speaking as a parent of a young (now nine) son, he couldn't wait to go on 
the pump!!!  There were no 'negative' emotions going on it.  To him it meant 
that he would be closer to being 'normal' than he was before the pump.  He 
doesn't like site changes and that is when he does his most complaining now.  
Other than that the pump has helped put that sparkle back into my son's eyes! 
 Look forward to going on the pump.  The freedom it gives you is remarkable 
and the ease to which you can control your BGs is wonderful.  I highly 
recommend getting the book, PUMPING INSULIN by John Walsh and reading this 
book BEFORE you start pumping.  It will help get you started and will answer 
most questions you might have about the pump.  And when choosing a pump get 
any of them that you think will meet your needs.  ANY pump is a good pump!!!

   Good Luck and welcome to this list!!

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA
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