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[IP] Child Reluctant To Start Pump

On 8 Mar 2001 17:09:25 EST, Kim wrote:

>My Ashley will be 10 next week. She has had diabetes for 5 years.
>We are still injecting. We have gone to a couple of seminars on the
>pump & of course discussed it with our doctor. Ashley has just not
>been ready for it. Although now I think she is coming around. She
>totally refused it last year & now she is thinking it might not be
>so bad:-) I think it would be awesome myself!! As it is I have not
>had a good nights rest since she became diabetic. And sleepovers
>are so stressful!!

Kim, Ashley's resistance reminds me of when I was 10 and newly
diagnosed. That was 58 years ago so pumps weren't available yet, but
my parents were very anxious for me to go to summer camp for diabetic
children. I wouldn't have anything to do with it, and my parents
didn't force me to go, so unfortunately I never went to summer camp.
As an adult I have always been sorry that I resisted going to camp
because I'm sure I would have learned a lot.

I have been using a pump for 5.5 years and it has made a tremendous
difference, both for improved control and much greater flexibility
with meals. I sure hope that Ashley will become aware of what a pump
will do to make things easier for her.

My best wishes to Ashley on her 10th birthday!

Tom Beatson
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