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Re: [IP] School: Disability Law...long

> Hi all. I have a urgent question. Kevin has been participating with
> this National Math test each year 
>. This year, on one of
> the test days, he got "sick" with a Low of 40 about 15 min before
> the test and ended up going home. We learned later he had a virus
> coming on cuz the bgs were wacky for days. Anyway, the teacher
> I have the email address of the testing place and plan to
> write/plead with them, but want my ammunition in place FIRST!
> HELP???

Most standard educational testing provides extra time or 
re-scheduling for this sort of thing. You may want to talk to the 
school counselors so you are better prepared and include a copy of 
Kevin's 504 plan with correspondence to the testing service. If 
your school is not familiar with this, try the high 
school or the district office. You do have a 504, right?? It should 
include the extra time provisions, etc....

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