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[IP] School: Disability Law...long

Hi all. I have a urgent question. Kevin has been participating with this National Math test each year called the Math Olympiad. Some of you parents may have heard of it. Kevin is brilliant in Math and usually wins the award for his class each year. This year, on one of the test days, he got "sick" with a Low of 40 about 15 min before the test and ended up going home. We learned later he had a virus coming on cuz the bgs were wacky for days. Anyway, the teacher allowed him to take it at home the next day and fax it to her but we later found out it was "against the rules!" and it was disqualified. WELL, if the test is counted, Kevin WON again this year...but comes in 2nd if it is not. I pleaded with the school, and got nowhere. "Rules are rules." (and it's a national thing) I'm thinking there is a disability act or something that a diabetic child can be covered under for this kind of thing that I can present to the testing people to have them change their ruling.  Please don't j!
udge about "just taking 2nd plac
e" or "striving or pushing to hard" cuz this is very important to Kevin, therefore ME! He could care less about the trophy...it is the recognition that he wants and very much deserves. I have the email address of the testing place and plan to write/plead with them, but want my ammunition in place FIRST! HELP???


Mom to Kevin (to be 13 in 4 days)
dx 12/98, pumping 5/99
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