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[IP] recent diabetic

My  daughter was diagnosed last May and we started thinking about the pump in 
July.  Her doctor usually likes kids to wait a year before going on the pump, 
but my daughter really wanted to try it and her doctor was great-he said 
we're not going to waste her motivation.  We would have started in August but 
we waited until Sept. for an Animas pump to become available (by the way, 
worth the wait).
I think you only need to allow enough time to become competent with the 
injections if you have a problem with the pump.
I didn't see a point in waiting longer-why not have the best control possible 
as soon as you can.   And why get used to the diabetic schedule if you don't 
have to.  It was a great move for us.  My daughter doesn't like having 
diabetes, but it's a whole lot better now.
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