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Re: [IP] recent diabetic

Michelle wrote:

>>Wondering if those who are pumping have been diabetic for a long time. OK,
long time is relative, but I was diagnosed just last July and I think my
hold up is that I just went through all the crap you go through when you
first find out and I'm afraid to go through some of that again after getting
the pump.  So I guess my hold up is being afraid of the psychological

Let me tell you that as a long-time 'betic (37 years and counting) I've been
on my pump for 9 months now.  I wish I had the opportunity to get a pump
years ago, my life would not have been as chaotic as it has been.  I wish
that pumps were available when I was pregnant with my daughter and after she
was born, I think that life would have been so much more normal and better.
I wish that I had a meter back then too... my only point is, why learn all
about a less desirable way to achieve control when you can have the best to
start?  If my daughter was diagnosed with diabetes today (she's 22 now) I
would urge her to try a pump right away.  IMHO shots just can't compete!
Just my 2 cents worth.

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