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[IP] 2 years pumping and Grateful!

Hi! I have recently just been lurking, but after
reading some of the recent posts, wanted to throw
in my .02. 

My son Ryan will have his 2 year pump-aversary on
March 15! The same day we will go for his 3mo
visit to his diabetes team at U of MICH. I am
sooo grateful to have such a great team there.
They are pro-pump, into empowering their
patients, and families to control their diabetes,
and the medical team assists them! I am finding
from reading here that is not the case
everywhere, and we are lucky to have Pediatric
Endo, Nurse Pract., CDE, Nutritionist,
psychologist, available at every visit if we

Ryan uses a MM507C, we have never had an alarm
(other than a no-delivery when running out of
insulin, or a 12 hour no-touch buttons) never had
a static problem, never had problem with the
customer service, or technical service people,
never had to talk to a sales rep, except when
they were helping get the insurance to approve
pump payment. I'm sure some people have had
problems, but I just wanted to let you know that
not everyone has had bad experiences with MM. 

At 13 yrs old, and just starting to creep into
puberty, he does not have "perfect" control. His
last A1C was 8.2 (still improved over the
pre-pump 10s,& 11s), but extreme hypo's are rare;
usually caused by exercise, or over bolusing.
Highs still happen, but are easily corrected by a
bolus, or a minor basal adjustment. We still
experience some tape irritation and other
annoying things occasionally; but all in all:
Thank God for the insulin pump. I can't even
imagine going back to shots and NPH! For those of
you just starting; it may take a while to feel
comfortable with everything. The second year was
easier than the first year. Just keep on keeping
on... it's worth it. 

We have also just gotten a One Touch Ultra (was
on sale for $65, and rebates of $65). He was
using the FastTake, and we only got the ultra
because it was free. He likes the 5 second
reading. It does take a little practice to get
the strip to suck the blood in right the first
time, but it takes less blood than even the
FastTake.  He hasn't been able to get blood from
his arm though. There must be trick to it, which
we have yet to figure out. I wish he could,
checking bg 10x a day for the last 8 years has
taken a toll on his fingers. Any suggestions

Thanks to all on this list for making the last 2
years on the pump easier by sharing all your
stories, encouragement and suggestions. 

Rae, Ryan's mom (13yrs, email @ redacted,pumping since 3/99)


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