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[IP] recent diabetic

     I started on the pump about 5 months after being diagnosed with 
     type 1 diabetes. According to my fiance, now husband, it improved my 
     mood imensly. I finally felt like me again. I was 23 when I got 
     diabetes and it was hard going from eatting when I wanted, subbing a 
     step class last minute without a thought, and sleeping till noon on 
     saturday to the regimented life dictated by MDI. I was having several 
     low bg's daily, NPH for lack of a technical term did bizzare things. 
     Peaking at different times on day given day. The pump gave me back 
     some of the freedom I felt I had 'lost'. I'm sure this is a YMMV 
     thing. The thought of wearing a 24/7 reminder never really crossed my 
     mind. I was already aware of this condition 24/7  with or without the 
     little black box. It's been 2 plus years now on the pump and I'd never 
     go willingly back on MDI.
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