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[IP] Re: recent diabetic

Michelle Blackwell wrote:
>>>>Wondering if those who are pumping have been diabetic for a long time. OK,
long time is relative, but I was diagnosed just last July and I think my hold
up is that I just went through all the crap you go through when you first find
out and I'm afraid to go through some of that again after getting the pump.
So I guess my hold up is being afraid of the psychological aspects.>>>>

I don't want to plagiarize, therefore, this list was compiled by another

1. I can sleep until noon on the weekends without doing anything special and
when I wake up I'm 115.

 2. I can skip a meal, eat later, eat earlier, or eat sporadically all the
live-long-day and just change my boluses.

3. I can give an exact amount of insulin (tenths of units aren't available
with shots).

 4. I can decide to exercise at the spur of the moment and just change my
basal rate without having a severe hypo

5. I can decide what I'm going to eat when I see it instead of trying to
predict what I'm going to feel like eating four hours from now.

6. I don't have ANY night hypo's anymore. (I used to pop out of bed 4-5 times
per week).

7. I don't have daily hypos anymore & I don't have to stay over 150 in order
to do it.

8. I don't get headaches all the time from the roller coaster of going from
387 to 43 in one afternoon.

9. No brainer: no more shots.

10. I feel good/optimistic about tight control for the first time EVER.

And I'll add, you should get the book Pumping Insulin 3rd Edition by John
Walsh and Ruth Roberts. Please keep us updated. (~_^)

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