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Re: [IP] Where to wear the pump?

First, let me say I'm sure you'll look professional whatever you do with your 
pump.  Most people who take good enough care of their diabetes to even 
consider getting a pump are pretty competent in other arenas as well.  For 
that matter, just lurk on this list a while and look at how competent these 
people are.  They're living with an extremely difficult disease (or raising 
children with that disease) and doing it with both grace and humor.

I'm changing the title of this thread.  "To hide or not to hide."

When I got my first pump it was about 5 inches by 12 inches.  Hiding it was 
not an option.  There weren't many devices designed for hiding it yet anyway. 
 My biggest problem was that I had to buy bigger coats so that it would fit 
under them.

Now I wear my pump in a pocket, on my waistband, on a belt, wherever.

In all my years of wearing it exposed, very few people ever asked about it.  
Some people ask really stupid questions, I'm sure other people have heard 
more.  Most people assume its a beeper now.  In the early days they thought 
it was some kind of pencil case.  The only really strange experience I've had 
with it was when a restaurant full of people assumed it was a remote control 
for a bomb and ran away as I bolused.  Fortunately, it was a small restaurant.

I think the real problem here is that it feels strange at first to be 
dependent on this new object.  It's every bit as strange as adjusting to 
being insulin dependent in the first place.  Whether you hide the pump or 
not, it's usually far more of an issue for you than for other people.

However, I do hide it in some situations.   A job interview, for example.

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