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Re: [IP] Good News!

Kathy.... Once again, I totally agree with you!!! :o)~  I too feel very 
blessed to be so welcomed in this "family"!! I've never met a nicer group of 
people in my life!! Must be a prerequisite of becoming diabetic... You HAVE 
to be nice and understanding, not to mention patient beyond belief!!  My 
doctor wants me on the pump but since I'm a new patient of his (due to a 
recent move), he needs a little time to get test results and whatnot. It's 
not really his fault that I haven't got the pump yet, but he did get me in 
touch with the MM rep (Who by the way is a very sweet person and VERY 
helpful..... I'm sorry to those who've had a problem with other MM reps. I 
don't know the company that well, but my rep, Susie, is the best!!) I've 
received a video tape, books and brochures on the pumps and I picked out the 
508 because it has features I like. the rep said that if I try it and don't 
feel comfortable with it, I can exchange it for another model. I've also come 
up with a name for "him".... it's Skippy.  Why? Well, it just came to me one 
day when I was trying to think of a name for Gina's baby.... But the reason 
Skippy came to mind is that you can 'skip' a meal if you feel like it, only 
because you're on the pump. Hope that made sense. It did to me!! :o)  So, to 
answer your question, after my long story, I'm hoping to get Skippy in the 
next month! I see my endo on the 19th and he should be able to tell me what I 
need/want to know.
Thanks again for all you've done for me... I guess you may never know how 
much it means to me, and that goes out to EVERYONE! You are all very special 
to me! IF I ever win the lottery (ha ha) I'm going to have a HUGE pumper's 
party and send everyone a plane ticket to come!!! (Just PLEASE don't hold 
your breath while waiting!! :o)~  )
Love to you all.....
dx 10/1/81  (Florida)
Awaiting the arrival of "Skippy" 
Soon, very soon!!!
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