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[IP] Re: pump pre-customer service

Bonnie and all:

> However, it is like buying a car - everyone had different tastes and
> experiences and will pick the one they like for its bells and whistles
> whether Disetronics, Animas, or MiniMed.   All are EXCELLENT pumps 
> Continuing with the auto buying analogy, if anyone were to request 
> information from a manufacturer, how many days, no hours, do you think it 
> would take before you were inundated with information.  Salesmen would be 
> calling and offering to show up at your house with the selected model for a 
> test drive.
> Autos sell in considerably larger numbers than medical equipment, but I 
> will be less intimate with my new car than my new pump, why is there such s 
> l o w customer service.  If this is what I can expect on inquiries, what 
> should I expect after I have the thing attached?
> All I am trying to point out is that the responses I have received from my 
> initial requests are less than encouraging for me.
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