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Re: [IP] Good News!

Darrin and Elizabeth:

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.  After 32 years of battling
this disease, it is somewhat scary (perfectionist that I am) to bare my soul
and admit my shortcomings, but I thought there might be other pumpers who
would benefit from my forthrightedness.  The pump is a magnificent tool to
manage our disease better, but we are, indeed human and can "fail" or just
get plain old worn out. That's why we're a part of this community, is it
not, that we might encourage others and, hopefully, keep people from giving
up.  Even tho I'm a long-time pumper, I have learned much in the few short
months I have been a member of the "family", and feel privileged to be a
part of this community.

Darrin, I have followed your progress in and diligent pursuit of pump
therapy despite your naysaying endo and the challenges you have faced with
respect to your taxes.  I am so glad for the tremendous improvement in your
control - you are a true spokesperson and advocate for the pump, and was
also happy to read about your victory in getting your doc to backdate a
letter of medical necessity for you.  I hope this move improves your
financial situation, and that your endo will become better educated and more
supportive of your efforts to establish a support group in your area.

Elizabeth, your attitude and determination to "get back on track" to get the
best treatment you can will go far in making yours another successful pump
story.  I will look forward to reading about your triumphs in the weeks and
months ahead.  BTW, when are you scheduled to receive your pump?

Thanks again, all - I appreciate the support.

Kathy Fagan
Dx 10/68, Pumping 12/82
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