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Re: [IP] resetting pump time


One of the great things about the pump for me has been being able to go to 
Europe without getting sick.  I used to spend my second day in the new time 
zone ketotic, because I just changed all my shots to the new time immediately.

On the pump, I change my pump time slowly as my circadian rhythms adjust to 
the new time.  Usually I change one hour each day for five days for a five 
hour time difference.  If I don't do this I get unexplained highs (sometimes 
extremely high) since my basal rate doesn't fit my insulin need.

I find that this slow adjustment period isn't necessary when I return home.  
I do it over just two or three days.  Probably its because my body adjusts 
more quickly. 

I hope other people have other suggestions, it will be interesting to read 

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