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[IP] recent diabetic

Hello all.  I've been learning lots just reading the posts, but have a 
question.  I'm thinking about going on the pump and have been doing a lot of 

Wondering if those who are pumping have been diabetic for a long time. OK, 
long time is relative, but I was diagnosed just last July and I think my 
hold up is that I just went through all the crap you go through when you 
first find out and I'm afraid to go through some of that again after getting 
the pump.  So I guess my hold up is being afraid of the psychological 

What are the psychological aspects of going on the pump? Did going on the 
pump bring back any emotions you had when first diagnosed? Are there any 
"new" diabetics who are on the pump and how was your experience? I guess I'm 
wondering if one has to be ready to make the leap to the pump and maybe it's 
better if the day-to-day aspects become routine first?  Do they become 
routine?  I still hate all the crap that we have to do, I still do it, but I 
hate it.

Hope all this made sense.  If not let me know.



email @ redacted
Type 1 since July 2000
Ultralente 2X day, Humalog at meal times
Last A1c: 6.4
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