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[IP] MiniMed

SNIP >>>>>>>>> Just does not feel right, and with 
some of the posts I have read here, I think that I do not need to deal with 
MM.    Terry Claussen <<<<<<<SNIP

Hi Terry, 
I am on my second MM pump and wanted to be sure you heard from some
satisfied MiniMed customers.   I am one!  After over 5 years on two pumps
(MM 507 & 508) I have had nothing but positive and helpful support from
MiniMed.  If you will check the pumpers page and look at the stats you will
see that the majority of US folks have MiniMeds.   

However, it is like buying a car - everyone had different tastes and
experiences and will pick the one they like for its bells and whistles
whether Disetronics, Animas, or MiniMed.   All are EXCELLENT pumps from what
I have heard here.   Remember all you hear are the complaints from over 3000
pumpers, the 99% of us who are satisfied rarely complain.   

Please, Pumpers, no wars, just defending my right to express my opinion and
remind a newcomer that all pumps are excellent and take all complaints on
this site with the proper prospective of maybe 3 out of thousands who have a
I deal directly with MiniMed myself.  I go to MM on line, or by phone for
everything, and for all my supplies and rarely have a problem with them.
However, I do get my insulin from a local pharmacy.  

 This list is an excellent source for support, questions and answers, fun
and learning. Glad you are with us.   Check the Archives for specific info,
it will be worth you time.  Good luck in pumping.  We want to hear from you.

Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL
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