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[IP] RE:Problems with SoftSets and Tape

> I have a question. I have tried sils on Eileen. First, the introducer needle 
> is really big and she does says it hurts when I put it in skin. My question 
> is does the needle have to be introduced the whole way into skin or just 
> like 3/4. Because as hard as I try to push the whole thing in, I can only 
> get part of it in, also when I remove the intr. needle, is it normal to see 
> part of the plastic cannula outside of skin? (sort of lying against skin). 
> Hope I explained this correctly.

   I really have excellant results with the Sils, although I know 
exactly what you mean about the insertion process.  I just push the 
"big" insertion needle in about 80 to 90%.  Yes you will see some of the 
cannula riding outside of the skin, but don't worry about that.  I think 
the most important thing about inserting the sites is the angle at which 
you insert them and not bending the cannula when you pull the back cover 
off the sticky area after you have inserted the Sil.  If the angle is 
too large; like over a 25 or 30 degree angle, you will crimp the cannula 
when you stick the back section on.  Also be very careful when pulling 
the cover off of the back sticky part, not to bend the Sil too far 
forward or you will be crimped before you start.  I hope this helps, and 
that you understand what I mean about the "back sticky part".  Also I 
haven't had a problem using the Sils at an insertion angle of about 15 
degrees, but that's just me.  Good luck.
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