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Re: [IP] Re: MM reps


  My son has been using the Disetronics H-Tron for over a year now.  But for 
the past 4 months he has been using MMs sof-set micros and the serter.  We 
have not had any problems and our insurance has been a dream!!  It sounds 
like you are having a terrible time with things and that is unfortunate.  
Have you tried talking with the insurance company and seeing what they can do 
with things.  Also, you may want to tell MM that you are going to file a 
complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  And believe me NO company likes 
to hear this because it is literally a black mark on their record that stays 
there for a long time.  Sort of like a criminal or credit record.  So call MM 
and ask to talk with a supervisor.  And don't take NO for an answer.  Then 
politely tell this person what has been happening, what you have been told so 
far, how hard it has been to get any cooperation and tell this person about 
going to BBB with a formal complaint.  Don't be surprised if something 
happens.  With the amount of money that these things cost this is serious 
business if the company fails to stand behind it.  It is not looked upon as a 
minor infraction!  And because it IS a medical device there are other 
liability issues involved!  And you might want to look into their claim of 
the trainer not being an emplyee or atleast a representative of their 
company, who gets paid a stipend of some sort for doing this training.  And 
this trainer is atleast connected somehow to the local rep, so look into 
that!   The threat of a report to BBB is usually the stick of dynamite that 
will work in this sort of situation!!!  I know, I had to do it once..not DM 
related at all!

mom to Joshua
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