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Re: [IP] Diabetes Product Fair Last Night - Long

Dear Maureen,

You bear quite a famous name. Your dad wouldn't have 
hosted the old Boraxo cowboy shows on TV back in the 50s?? 


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Subject: Re: [IP] Diabetes Product Fair Last Night - Long 

> First off, let me say that I'm not denying that there
> aren't some really bad reps in MM.  But that hasn't
> been my experience.
> When I first started trying to get a pump, the D rep
> was really pushy and was bad mouthing the MM.  The MM
> rep on the other hand was super nice, and encouraged
> pumping, and said that both products were very good. 
> There were just some rumors about the continuous
> monitor from MM, and I asked the rep about it, and she
> said that she suspected that patients on EITHER pump
> (A were not on the market), would probably be the
> first on the monitor.  In the end, I chose the MM. 
> For a bunch of reasons.  First I like the square/dual
> wave.  Next, I like that I can go anywhere to buy
> batteries.  I like how you push the buttons better. 
> And the thing that really decided it for me was I like
> how the MM looks a lot more than the D (I'm not a
> person hung up on looks for the most part, but I
> decided the products were very similar, and since I
> would be wearing it constantly for the next 4 years,
> it did tip the scale).  But the D is waterproof.
> In my close to two years on the pump, I've continued
> to be happy with my MM.  I've had some problems, but
> for the most part, they were my own fault (I scrambled
> one by taking it in while an MRI was running).  MM has
> been very nice about it, including the rep driving to
> my house at night so I could use a loaner instead of
> having to do shots for a night.  I do wish my MM was
> waterproof, but I have given my pump a good dunk, it
> is has been fine.  
> I know that some have had problems with reps after
> they have recieve their pumps, but personally, apart
> from the time the rep drove the loaner to my house, I
> haven't dealt with a rep since I've got my pump
> (except at fairs and when I call to get more info to
> pass out to people).
> So those of you out there, please don't judge MM reps
> on the experience with a bad rep.  I don't judge D on
> the bad rep I had (and if the new pump wasn't so ugly,
> I would consider it as my next pump... maybe I'll go
> for the A the next time around or another MM).  What
> matters is that people get pumps.  When I meet another
> pumper, my first question is never "which pump" but
> usually "how long?" or "who is your doc".  Because I
> find it almost irrelevant which pump (except when
> discussing things like changing the
> cartriage/resivour, or specific sequences of buttons
> to press, or some specific bells and whistles).
> Maureen
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