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[IP] MiniMed

I guess i will put my 2 cents in on this.  I have been on the MM 508 since
Nov. of last year.  Everytime I have called MM with a problem or needing
something, i got it right away.  I broke the clip on my pump and i recieved
a replacement with 3 days.  I called for some samples of the sils, 3days
later i got them.  I contacted them about the new case they have for the
pump, they are sending me one, should have it by Friday.  Don't let the
reps. (from any pump company) give you a bad impression that the whole
company  or other reps are the same way everywhere in the company.  I can
honestly say that i have had nothing but good luck with my pump and have
gotten help right off if i needed info. about one of there products. I have
my reasons why i chose this pump just like everyone else has there for
choosing the one they use.  So, don't let a bad experience from one person
in the company make you think that the whole company is that way cause it is
not true.
Just my .02 cents worth.. Happy pumping

glenn marks and The Terminator
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