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Re: [IP] Leaving Old Sites In . . .

> The idea of leaving old sites in for a couple hours after switching
> to a new site makes a lot of sense to me -- but I'm wondering how
> long is too long to leave it in . . . If we do a site change on a
> school morning, there won't be enought time elapsed before we head
> out, but then it would be like 8-9 hours before she gets home from
> school . . . Or do you parents of school age kids change sites in
> the afternoon when they get home???

The point of the change in the morning is to allow enough time to 
make sure the set is not bad and bg's are ok. 8-9 hours at school 
defeats the purpose. If you change in the afternoon, eat dinner, 
etc... then test before bed you know if you have a good set or not. 
The downside is that if you have to change again, you face the same 
question you did with the morning change. Lily usually changes sets 
in the morning, but when it is inconvenient, she does it in the 
afternoon or early evening when there is still plenty of time of a 
few more routine bg checks that she would do anyway.
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