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[IP] Re: Stinging and itching

 Brian is just about finishing his first week on the pump.  He did a sight
 change this AM and I would say he is getting more tense with each change.  >>
Jocelyn - unfortunately, some of us have sensitive skin or "allergic" 
reactions to preps, tape, insulin or who knows what.  I almost went off the 
pump because of the itch/burn.  I couldn't find a place to put a new site 
that wasn't healing and I was losing my mind.  I kept telling people I felt 
like my whole life was dedicated to keeping my nose in my belly button. 

I actually took a pump "holiday" for 3 weeks to give my body time to heal and 
to test tapes and preps and infusion sets separately.  I kept careful records 
and found my body responded to everything except less so with some products.  
I'm now using Bard prep with the sils (my body seems to pretty well tolerate 
that small piece of tape) and just started inserting through a layer of 
Polyskin.  I began using a humalog/Velosulin mix which also has helped a 

Again, I think a period of testing may be called for to see what Brian 
responds to.  I found MM very willing to work with me and to send me samples 
of various products.  I also had IPers send me infusion sets they'd tried 
which was wonderful.  Good luck and keep us posted.  Jill T Peaks Island Maine
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