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Re: [IP] re: male bovine fecal matter debate

I want to thank those who saw my original post for what it was, and sticking
up for me.
Because of some hindicaps from birth and general stuff I have rarely had
this kind of support, and right now, I'm back online after my modem had a
hissy-fit (and I hadn't had email or web for two days and 14 hours....) to
see all the wonderful support from list members.

Thank you so much for this. I'm feeling a bit weepy eyed at having such a
nice list to be on. I missed IP SO much, but went to my OC PUMP group last
night and my D rep also gave me a PURPLE clip case!! Big kid that I am....

Thank you for backing me up and I enjoyed the heck out of the "Proper"
explanation of 'bulls and cows'!! Still laughing!

I'm only a 'feminist' because if I do the same job as a man, I should get
the same pay and bennies. The grocery stores don't give me a discount for
being a woman, nor does the rent come cheaper. But, beside the point,\...

I think if wanda's 'betes is in good control, the lady and her hugsband
should be allowed to live where they wish.

Thank you again for the support! :-)
Jenny Sutherland
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