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[IP] Everything happens

Well,this may be a depressing post,but I have some
concerns so bear with me:
Point #1-Now the  proud owner of one sorely
inflamed,contused foot,(re 50 lbs tote landed on
it)the doc said I had plantar faciitis and put me on
an antibiotic and advil.Is there any risk of infection
that could lead to gangrene?As that foot is also
neaurapathic,its got me worried.She didn't tell me
anything about how long it would take to heal in light
of my diabetes.Anyone else ever  had this problem?
Point #2-Just have to vent this one out,today my PCP
point-blanketly asked me if I ever cheated on my
diet.My face got red(of course) as I tried to think of
a way to tell her that diet idea went out with the
urine tests.What I should have told her was 'hardly
ever' meaning that with good control(and junk food all
the way!) sometimes I might break my diet and actually
eat something healthful!She also tried to sell me on
the idea of a Ace inhibitor.I didn't take too kindly
too that suggestion,I explained to her that I wasn't
going/or have to worry about that for another
decade.Then she explained to me that all diabetics
should take one,regardless of their years.She told me
too talk to my endo about it,I smiled and tuned her
out.I'd deserve to have my endo  laugh in my face if I
asked him about that.Sometimes PA's think they know it
all,just as much as MD's.
Point #3-Depressing news on the pump front.Although my
insurance is approved,and I've got the pump/and
supplies the start date is still non-existent.I was
informed today that they'll see how well things are
going(next week at my appt.)before they'll think of
anything,much less do something.What are they going to
do,not schedule anything if they don't like
something?Hello people,the point of the pump is to
help matters.I am a responsible individual who will do
anything involved,why should there be a problem?
Dx'd 12/10/98 and pumping when???

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