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Re: [IP] bolus for low blood sugar

sylvia wrote:
>does anyone bolus when their blood sugar is low?  do you bolus for what you 
>eat?  my blood sugar was 26 and i ate 1 strawberry cheese cake snack bar.  
>it has 21 carbs in it 15g of sugar.  two hours later i was at 345. i have 
>been on the pump of two weeks and still learning.

If my blood sugar were that low, I'd drink some OJ or regular Coke 
fast, before I passed out. 

I would certainly NOT bolus.

(This is not meant as criticism. I realize that when one is that low it's 
virtually impossible to think straight.)

In my experiences, 21g carb is nowhere near enough to spike blood
sugar up over 300 points. Maybe you rebounded (your liver released
glucose into your bloodstream) before the snack bar had a chance 
to affect your blood sugar.

/Janet (back on the list after being sick and/or away for a couple of 
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