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I sometimes use a bent needle with a QR and use a Poly Skin dressing to hold
the IFS in place. I think the smooth patch with the hole in it, is a poly
skin dressing and the bumpy one is IV 3000 type dressing.
It can be very frustrating.
Good luck,

Howard Davis
email @ redacted

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Hello Friends

For the second time in less than 2 weeks, I have had problems with Eileen's
insertion site.

We use sofsets with the quick release. I use IV Prep on skin, let it dry,
insert sofset with sofserter, then cover with the tape that comes with the
sofset, the one that has the little hole, not the bumpy one. When using her
supper hiney site, the tape just rips open and of course, this makes the
cannula bend and come out. First time, she bent over and actually felt the
cannula come out of her skin, we were arriving to have dinner at a
restaurant, she had eaten and bolused at home beforehand,and just ate some
bread and butter. When we got home, she's feeling nausea, when I check her
bg, 540! Of course, when I proceeded to check the site, the plastic cannula
was bent all the way.

Luckily, with an injection and changing the sofset, we got her down in 2-3
hours. Even though she did vomit 2 times. I've noticed the tape just rips
open near the edge of the wings. Maybe it's too thin, but she really hates
the "bumpy" one with the hole. She does have allergic reaction to this tape
also. today same thing happened, I was actually trying to test her afternoon
basals, checked at 2:30 when arrived from school bg was 113, perfect! Gave
her no lunch, went to an appointment with the ophtamologist, check bg at
4:30 and it's 200! She says her site is burning her and its uncomfortable,
had to take it off right there in the doctor's office, and when I checked
same thing again, tape ripped open and cannula completely bent. There goes
her fasting basal check!! What fun, have to do it again tomorrow! Ughhhh!!!

Has this happened to anyone before. We use the shorter type of sofsets.
Today what I did, even though she was complaining whole way thru, was use 2
tapes the one with the hole, on the skin, and then an IV3000 (with no hole)
covering the whole thing. She REALLY hates this, says it itches this way.
Any suggestions?? I have tried BARD but don't see any real difference
between it and IV Prep. Also, have tried some samples of tapes MM sent a few
months ago. She isn't overly active, too much T.V. and listening to music,
computers, etc. What if she were really into sports or gym? I can definitely
see a problem there.
Any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks for all the encouragement and words of support I received regarding
her hb1alc's. I reallly worry about them being high, due to all the eye
trouble they cause. By the way, her eyes are fine, just has to have her
eyeglasses corrected.

Eileen's mom, pumping (happily) since Aug/2000.

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