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[IP] Pumpco pre Customer Service

At the urging of my endo, I began last month researching insulin pump 
therapy.  I joined the list here in hopes of hearing what problems are 
lurking for a future pump user.  I thought I would add my impressions of 
Disetronic and Minimed from this outsider's POV.

On Feb 6, I requested pump info from both companies via their websites.  I 
then waited 10 (!) days and recieved via fedex and ups on the same day video 
tapes and information packets from both companies.  I know that demand should 
be high for this, but a ten day wait for information does not encourage a 
warm fuzzy feeling about something that will be attached to you.  

One week later, I received calls from Disetronic's patient advocate, who 
politely answered my questions and scheduled a call from the Maryland 
representative.  The next day, the rep called and we discovered that since I 
saw an endo in Virginia, I would be passed to that rep.  Same day, he calls 
and we schedule an appointment.  This man lives about 70 miles from my home, 
yet he arrived after dinner to show me his pumps, and he even had a MM508.  
After about 90 minutes, I encouraged him to go home as I knew the length of 
his drive.  I think he would have stayed all night if I had questions.

Today, March 7, MM calls and verifies my insurance and says that a rep will 
be calling soon.  At this point, I do not think that I need to look at the 
pump if I can infer from this service that a potential customer is given 30 
days or more prior to even communicating.  Just does not feel right, and with 
some of the posts I have read here, I think that I do not need to deal with 

Terry Claussen
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