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[IP] Re: MM reps

I have found after reading the posts that I will add my experience with MM 
reps to the batch.  Maybe someone from MM will read these and get a clue 
that something needs to change.  After I purchased my 508 in March of last 
year the service has cratered.  I haven't gotten the results I had hoped for 
but I will say the not having to take shots is awesome.  I called in to MM 
to express to them that the pump wasn't working out as well as I had hoped 
and could I return it.  After being told to call a different number and then 
transferred 5 times, each time the person would say they weren't responsable 
for my area, I found a lady that said that I could return my pump but I 
wouldn't get any money back.  They said that if you don't return it in the 
first month, no money back.  I told her no one had told me that at the 
beginning and that in fact I was told it would take several months to find 
out if it would work for me.  She informed me that was impossible and that 
the company was not responsible for misinformation given to me by the pump 
trainer, the trainer was not a MM employee.  She said that all the paperwork 
I had would in fact state right on it that the pump had to be returned 
within a month or no money back.  I thought maybe I hadn't read my 
information closely enough so I didn't argue.  I just stated that I hadn't 
seen that and wouldn't the company stand by their product?  Basically, now 
you have it get lost we won't help you.  When I got off the phone I read 
through my paperwork and didn't find that statement on any of it, even in 
fine print.  I was also quoted $450. dollars for three months supplies.  The 
first two orders were that much but when I changed insurance companies the 
price went to almost $800. for three months.  What is the deal?  I have had 
problems with static zapping my machine when to my understanding, other 
pumps don't have that problem.  The pump is a great way to go but this 
particular company needs some help on their people skills and company 
support.  I am ready to trade my pump in for one made by a different 
company.  Has anyone else ever traded one company for another and one pump 
for another?  How does it work?  How about using one companies supplies with 
a different companies pump?  Does it work?  Any feedback on this would be 
appreciated.  Have a great and Blessed day!!!!!


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