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Re: [IP] Stinging & Itching


  We have always used IV Prep and then we use Mastisol liquid adhesive making 
sure that I fan the area inbetween each of these applications.  We have never 
had any problems with irritation.  One thing you don't want to do is tape a 
site up onto a 'wet' spot.  That is why you should fan the area first.  And 
IV Prep is a little sticky which helps the set stay on too.  Fanning the area 
not only allows it todry a little but makes it a little tacky too!

  Also, I'm not sure how old your son is, but Josh is 9 and he has gotten to 
a point where he complains about the site changes even before I start doing 
them.  It is a DM rejuection response he is giong through right now.  At site 
change is when he complains the most about being DMer therefore he equates 
site changes as when he has DM the most therefore hates it and will start to 
complain, even though nothing has happened.  Could this be some of what your 
son is going through?  Just wondering!  (did I explain that so you can 
understand it?  If not write to me off-list and I will try again!)

mom to Joshua
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