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[IP] Re: Velosulin

Lynn writes - I have read a lot on Velosulin, and want to try it out with 
Humalog for my son's tummy sites, which last maybe 2 days compared to back 
site that last for a full 3.  The problem,,,my husband, Mr 
firefighter/paramedic that is sooo medically conservative,he will not budge 
until we talk to our endo and have some medical facts on it. I already did 
that and our endo hadn't heard a thing about velosulin and wasn't willing to 
let us try it

Lynn - I've been using the H/V mix for about 6 weeks now and it's allowed me 
to keep pumping.  I found some information (mainly experiential and a few 
hunches as to why it works) on the listserv site.  My doc too resisted trying 
V.  It made no sense to him as to why it would work but I was having so many 
allergic-type reactions at sites that I was ready to quit the pump.  He 
agreed to let me trial it and I've been having much better luck since.  I use 
a 1:5 mix.  Someone suggested recently that it works because it's buffered 
and somehow that mediates a local site reaction to a "pool" of humalog which 
I'd been using for MDI for years.  My doc still shakes his head.  I never do 
follow the textbook medically.  Good luck.  Jill T Peaks Island Maine
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