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Many of you have suggested I try the sils because of the problems that arise 
with the sofsets' cannula coming out of skin and bending.

I have a question. I have tried sils on Eileen. First, the introducer needle 
is really big and she does says it hurts when I put it in skin. My question 
is does the needle have to be introduced the whole way into skin or just 
like 3/4. Because as hard as I try to push the whole thing in, I can only 
get part of it in, also when I remove the intr. needle, is it normal to see 
part of the plastic cannula outside of skin? (sort of lying against skin). 
Hope I explained this correctly.

Of 5 or 6 times, we used the sils, I had to remove 2 of them due to very 
high bg's, not aborbing well. One had blood on the cannula. So I wasn4t 
really too happy with them. Also, they did leave a larger mark on skin, even 
though the tape thing is really cool. Didn't have to use extra tape over it. 
Oh, well, just keep trying, huh?

By the way, this problem of the tape breaking open only has happened to us 
on her upper hiney sites. When we use her tummy, no problems.

Eileen's mom
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