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Re: [IP] Preggers update and the continuing endo saga...

Please know you are in my thoughts as you struggle with unpleasant (to put
it mildly) doctors.  One thing that I've found over the years of moving a
lot and living in rather small towns (nothing like the thriving metropolis
of Bowling Green :) is that I've gotten excellent diabetes care, and
referrals as necessary, from doctors who are not endocrinologists.  My
current primary care doc is an internist with an interest in diabetes.  I
don't know what your options are in Bowling Green, but if you know other
diabetics or people who are nurses, ask them who does their diabetes care
(or who is thought well of in the nursing community, as appropriate), and
see if you can hook up with a different doctor for the diabetes stuff.  I've
had good luck with an internist, an osteopath, and a family practice
doctor -- YMMV.  Also, if there is a teaching hospital anywhere near you,
they may be able to refer you to people who are 'good with diabetes',
whether endos or not.  In my experience, the diabetes gurus at teaching
hospitals often have good info on who's good and who's not (although usually
professional ethics don't let them share the 'who's not' part :) in the
surrounding 100-200 miles, because they have experience with referrals from
a lot of doctors.

I think you've been stressed out enough for any two people, so I wouldn't
recommend adding to your stress about whether you are doing things 'right'
in the last few months of your pregnancy.  But you do need a primary care
doctor to help you with the diabetes stuff -- if only to ask questions of as
they arise.

Take what helps.  This is just my own experience.  I am not denigrating or
unappreciative of the education and knowledge that endos have gained by
specializing -- I'm just saying that sometimes a sympathetic doctor from
another specialty is better for the individual patient than an endo who is a
bad personality fit with the patient and her/his needs (emotional as well as

Take care,
Kathy Trondsen
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