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  My son uses the micros and we just use the bumpy tape.  However we do use 
Mastisol liquid adhesive after the IV prep.  And I do fan each of these after 
applying them, one at a time.  Also, where on her hiney are you putting the 
site?  Are you putting it right where the slope starts away from the back, 
where there is a bit of a 'shelf'?  That is where you want to put it.  That 
way it does not get sat on.  Josh really likes the sites there a lot better 
than his tummy now.  It is the only place where he has any fatty tissue and 
it seems to not hurt as much during/after insertion and he gets the BEST bgs 
with these sites.  He will even sleep on his back all night without having 
any trouble!  Also, we tried a few Ultimates, the longer canula sof-sets on 
Josh and each time the canula pulled out and crunched up under the tape.  
That canula was too long for Josh's skinny little body.  Also, Disetronics is 
coming out with their new  sets which are similar to the sof-sets, and 
disconnect and they will come in various canula sizes not just the two.  
However they don't have a serter.  That is the reason why we use the MM 
sof-sets because of the serter.  Josh is on a Dis H-Tron pump!

Hope this info helps!

mom to Joshua
poulsbo, WA
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