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Re: [IP] velosulin


  Have you tried mixing a little Regular in with the Humalog?  We did this 
after the first few weeks of straight H with my son Josh and instantly his 
sites, EVERYWHERE, started to last 3-4-even 5 days !!  This was too long so I 
now change at 3.5 days with no trouble at all.  And you should already be 
familiar with Regular and your husband should feel comfortable with this.  I 
put about40-50 units of regular in with the rest humalog and go!  It does not 
affect the potency of the humalog so there is no adjusting necessary for 
affect of insulin.  The Regular just seems to act as a buffer, much like the 
Velosulin and we have been doing this now for over a year with great results! 
 My son is now nine and in the third grade!

mom to Joshua
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