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Re: [IP] Relationship Discrimination?

Laura, I know that no one can feel exactly what you felt, but I just wanted 
to tell you that you shouldn't give up!
 I'm 31 years old and right now, my husband and I have been married for over 
10 years!! I never could find a boyfriend that would "put up" with all the 
stuff I had to go through with my diabetes. Some of them would even sabotage 
my ability to control my diabetes. But then, one day... I met a man who told 
me that he'd love me forever and stick by my side through think or thin. And 
let me tell you ... he's wonderful!! He does everything for me when I'm sick 
and makes sure I stick to my regimen of checking sugars, doing shots, taking 
my meds, etc. So, I just wanted to tell you that there are men out there who 
will love you for who you are and if you happen to be diabetic, so be it. 
Keep your chin up!! You will find the happiness that you deserve.
dx 10/1/81 (Florida)
still waiting on my little pumpy to arrive!
Soon, very soon!!! I can't wait!!
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