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[IP] re: health fair--reps

It sounds a little like bashing, but....
 Personally, when I was on a MiniMed pump, there was a
lot of empty promises, and just having my business was
enough..not keeping me happy..I put it up with that as
long as I could and gave up on Minimed, now very
haappy with my pump and the service.. I neve rhad a
single rep,, rather 3 in the 15months I was pumping
and none ever seemed to care about the customer, but
more about bashing, but in my opiion both companies do
that to get customers..
 As for Disetronic (which i am now on), the rep always
criticized the flaws in the MiniMed..the motor, the
basals, the door, and particularly the problems I had
had which are so common...that did NOT bother me at
all when I decided to switch pumps, but the 15 months
EARLIER, I thought he was just trying to sway me away
from MInimed..my mom didn't like his tactics, but from
my own experiences with MM, I realized eveyrthing he
said was true....if I took the time to explain, so
would my mom..
 Overall, from the pump reps and all that, personally
I dislike the job of salesmen..a good salesman should
be able to see his product, provide excellent service
and followup, and not criticize the competitors...
Until then, I try to stay away and make up my own

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