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Re: [IP] Diabetes Product Fair Last Night - Long

  I have found this same thing to be true with reps coming from MM.  It seems 
that their company's policy must be to bash everyone else.  I am greatful 
that both Dis and Animas are very PRO-PUMP and that is that!!  They do NOT 
bash any of the other companies only promote the use of the pump,  ANY PUMP.  
But good old MM reps seem to be making a name for themselves.  We too, had a 
Diabetes Fair not too long ago and as soon as the MM rep started to bash I 
told him he was a jerk, right to his face, and walked away.  But not before 
telling him that not only am I a member of this IP group but the group leader 
of our local support group.  Thank goodness this wasn't our local rep but 
someone who came from the company for this fair.  It seems to be easier to 
talk with our local rep, albeit it has only been on the phone so far.  But I 
don't tolerate that type of behavior and I really think that the main office 
of MM should be told.  Perhaps a well intentioned email message from those of 
us who have run into this type of behavior would help!

mom to Joshua
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