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[IP] Merck-Medco

I am forced by my insurance to order most of my non-opump related supplies 
from Merck-Medco. That is test strips,Insulin and lancets. Pump supplies I 
order directly from Disetronic.
Back when I was doing MDI, I frequently had problems with getting the wron 
syringes, always if not specified on the new script, they would send the 
100cc types. I did not need a syringe with that much capicity and the 
markings are so close together that I had problems reading them. I complained 
loudly to Blue Cross about not only that, but on the length of time it took 
to recieve orders. Somehow, they have now seen the light and orders are 
generally recieved within five days when ordered by phone. I also complained 
about their voice mail and standing in line for in one instance, 2 hours and 
14 minutes, actually times. Now, when they start telling me which buttons to 
push for what, I just hit zero and a warm body comes on line real quick like 
and takes my order. Great improvement over the past year or so.  Firms using 
voice mail should be shunned like the plague except that everyone is now 
using it.  BW
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